Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AHA-3940AUW Wide UltraSCSI Host Bus Adapter

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The AHA-3940AUW is the newest revision of Adaptec's PCI dual channel card. The card does not use a PCI-PCI Bridge chip (PPB), but instead uses the latest dual channel ASIC from Adaptec, the AIC-7895.Number of devicesUp to 30 SCSI devicesBus System Interface Type32-bit PCI Local Bus, Rev 2.1 compliant bus interfaceExternal Connectors68-pin SCSI connector, Channel BInternal Connectors68-pin SCSI connector, Channel A68-pin SCSI connector, Channel B50-pin SCSI connector, Channel A Data Transfer RateUp to 40.0 MBytes/sec Synchronous Wide UltraSCSI Data Rate per ChannelSystem RequirementsIBM compatible PC, the motherboard BIOS must support PCI-to-PCI bridges

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