Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

WTF (2009-2010) Archive EPD 1-21

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 12:44 PM PDT

EPD #1 - WTF: Ad/Nag Screens Become Norm Regardless Of Product Or Service On The Net

EPD #2 - WTF: I Think, I May Have Seen This Peer 2 Peer Program Before ?

EPD #3 - WTF: Is Technorati.com Technically Right Or Tech-Nally-Crappy ?

EPD #4 - WTF: AD Overload Or Is It Your Best Outlet For Your Blog/Website To Make Money/Revenue ?

EPD #5 - WTF: So Many Free Virus Scan Programs To Choose From And Yet Still No Real Choice

EPD #6 - WTF: Ok, Whats With Next Gen Technology Prices Anyways ?

EPD #7WTF: Social Networking, Is It a Virus On Mankind ? Or Just An Easier Way To Communicate With People ?

EPD #8WTF: Do I Have A Blog ? Or Do I Have A Website ?

EPD #9WTF: What I Think All Starter Blogs Should Have ? Tips For 1st Time Bloggers

EPD #10WTF: The Bigger The Server, The Harder They Fall ?

EPD #11WTF: Sign My Petitions, Vote In My Polls Or Else ? Sorry Or Else What ?

EPD #12WTF: Twitter Me This

EPD #13WTF: So, you only have one source are you kidding me ?

EPD #14WTF: E-cards – Are you just being lazy or Do you really mean it ?

EPD #15WTF: Ok So, Did You Just Hijack My Internet Browser ?

EPD #16 - WTF: Some Of The Best Ways To Stay Under The Google Radar

EPD #17 - WTF: So How Many Different E-mail Accounts Does One Person Need ?

EPD #18 - WTF: Gotta CAP-CATCH-A Them All

EPD #19 - WTF: Do I Really Need A FaceBook Account ?

EPD #20WTF: Why FaceBook Is Unfair And Unrealistic In The Real World

EPD #21WTF: Can I Sell You My Soul Using Craig's List ?

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