Saturday, August 27, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

EPD 56: Fan Mail Friday’s (08/26/2011)

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:56 PM PDT

Dear Danny and Kirbe,

I was wondering how got your jobs writing for (CSW) ?

Sent in By Beverly


I was wondering how you guys got your jobs writing for (CSW) ?

Danny's Reply: Hummmm…..interesting question Clover. I guess that would depends on who's side you wanted my side or Remy's side. Ok well the questions seems to indicate my side. So here is goes….

Remy near the very start of (CSW) found me cold, alone and hungry (Huge SARCASM) and unloved on my very own lame blog. He was one of the only people to comment on said blog.

Of course with commenting technology the way it is. I found out what his e-mail address and website link was pretty quickly. (In this case a blog link). At that time it was called the Internet Savvy Weblolg.

Then soon after I was e-mailing (CSW) of course Remy answered me back. This when on for a long while. I also was reading Internet Savvy nearly everyday by this point. I really enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot.

I soon left my own blog venture after being accepted as a writer in Remy's pre 2.0 update over at Internet Savvy. I was just doing news and researching for him. We became really good friends. At this point  it had been almost 1 and 1/2 years. Remy told me he was gonna pack up and call and end to things over at Internet Savvy Weblog.

He then told me he had been working on something else. He called it a work in progress this was back with Barry and Mister Random. Were around. I can't say much about them other then to say Barry had my current position (But he had a different name on the site. So you won't see him listed as Barry.). Oh then of course Mister Random, he did Xbox reviews as well as some features. Remy was always talking about him being a huge influence.

I soon found out it was a very early version of (CSW). Only it was called "Computer Savvy's Weblog" (No "the" in the title and very bad grammar. Also at this point, no short form (CSW) ether.) Other interesting note Remy was doing video game reviews mixed with a light spattering of what you now see on (CSW) at that point.

I then came aboard. Then after weekly e-mails and after my first batch of Computer Savvy's Weblog certified posts. Remy gave me a go at my purposed "WTF" weekly feature.

After a bit of time. "WTF" was really doing well and a few people had to leave by that point. So after proving myself Remy promoted me to my current station as Managing Editor and Secondary Features Editor.

So I hope that long winded story answers your question Beverly.

Kirbe's Reply: Ok straight off Beverly. There is no long winded story here. (CSW) and yes it was current "The Computer Savvy Weblog" by this point. Had a recruitment drive looking for new writers. I applied with a writing sample and my CV. I soon found out my that I was turned down because of my writing sample. So I sent Remy (hell maybe even Danny at this point) another 2 writing samples.

I got another e-mail and it said that I was 1 of 5 chosen for 3 spots that (CSW) had. All 5 of us was writing for (CSW) not everyone got published. But we submitted all our stuff to be reviewed.

Now I can't remember what the final review was. But I wrote it and was e-mailed shortly there after by Danny that said "Welcome To The Team". So I was hired and started off at the bottom as a Contributor and Researcher.

Worked my tail off and still do and now I am Junior Editor and loving it. I hope that soon I'll be a Senior Editor or higher. But only time, the (CSW) team and our readership will be able to make that happen.

So as Danny said above "I hope that long winded story answers your question Beverly."


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Till Next Friday,

Danny + Kirbe


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