Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tips Formatting Your Memory Card

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By Lance Edwards

If you use a new memory card on your digital camera for the first time you should always format it, or it may not store your photos correctly. It’s very true and serious. Because you will never know when your memory card will be corrupted or become inaccessible from your desktop. Many people hate the pain of losing all their photos and video.

One thing to make sure is to always remember that: never remove your memory card when the camera is still switched on, or switch the camera off while it is still writing to the card after you have taken a photo. Because in either case there is a very high probability that you will get your memory card corrupted or even damaged. Nobody want either situation to happen to themselves.

Sometimes, after recording images for a period of time onto a card you might see error messages on your camera. Often the case, a reformatting of the card should fix this. This is a good habit as it minimizes the risk of communication failures between the card and your camera, esp. if you use the card on different digital cameras. But in no case you should overdo it. You don’t want to reformat your memory too frequently or for too many times because overdo this you will surely damaged your memory card. As each time, your memory card will perform certain actions that will leave tiny infringements.

Due to that fact that different camera may adopt a different data format. Reformatting is also a quick way to delete all your files on memory cards as reformatting clears or overwrites the
all files and directories completely. But please remember that all your files, photos, videos are still there on your memory cards. They just become inactive or inaccessible from your computer system. More details will be explained.

Okay, here comes the headache question. Will, we all have to face it. The question is that "What if I have deleted all my images by mistake or my memory card is corrupted?" Digital Camera manufacturers usually tell you that formatting a memory card "permanently deletes all photographs and other data your memory card may contain". But they are not telling you the whole story. Yes, there is still a remedy.

As a matter of fact, the manufactures’ statement is not typically true as the formatting process only overwrites some kind of marks or maps to tell your computer where your files locates. Your images are usually still there but you cannot access them, because there’s no marks or maps for your computer to navigate and locate your files. A nice photo recovery program can usually retrieve most, if not all, your precious images ,videos and other files.

You may download free software from the web which will help you to restore your lost images. Just Google for Memory Card Recovery Software or Disk Recovery Software and you will find some nice ones.There are a lots of nice and free ones. You don’t speed meaningless money.

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