Sunday, December 13, 2009

Windows XP Slow to Start? 7 Easy Ways to Make Windows Start-Up Faster, Instantly!

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Do you face the frustrating problem of slow Windows XP start-up? Here are some easy steps to follow to speed up the booting process in your computer.

1. Removing virus and cleaning your registry- This is the most important and easiest thing to do! Getting rid of viruses and repairing broken registry files can help in many ways including faster boot ups. You can use registry cleaners to easily and quickly clean Windows registry.

2. Boot defragmenting - when you perform a boot defragment on your system, all the boot files are placed together, right next to each other, on the hard disk. This obviously can speed up the windows xp slow to start problem you face. Usually of course this option is enabled but there is no harm in making sure by running the registry editor, going to the Hkey_local_machine software MS Dfrg BootOptimizeFunction and checking if it is "Y". Else set it to "Y" and reboot your system.

3. Hard disk maintenance - You can start with defragmenting the hard disk. This could give better access to data which in turn makes your computer start faster. When the disk is fragmented, data is stored in multiple areas; this means it has to be searched and put together before being used. You can use the "Disk Defragmenter" option in the System Tools. Hard disks develop bad sectors over a period of time; it will be a good idea to scan for them and repair them. This can be taken up as a periodic exercise to get freedom from windows xp slow to start.

4. Getting more memory or using a Flash memory - installing more RAM instantly speeds up the start up process. You could get a flash drive like a USB thumb drive/ SD card and use special programs to speed up performance using the drive inserted in the USB port.

5. Removing programs during start up - there may be a number of applications that automatically are set to load up when the computer boots. Removing unwanted ones can speed up booting substantially.

6. Display setting optimization - by tweaking the visual effects and toning them down completely you can realize a huge improvement in windows xp slow to start.

7. Doing away with the indexing option - the index option is ON to help you carry out file searches faster. But if you know your file locations you might hardly ever need to search and in such a scenario the indexing option can be OFF. This saves a lot of CPU effort.

You can click the below link to learn more about speeding up your system using registry cleaners and more.

Tired of slowing PC performance? Do you want to repair problem of windows xp slow to start in cheap and fast way? You can scan the registry error in your computer for free and fix them with the best registry cleaner on the market. After scanning and fixing your PC, you will be surprise how fast your computer is.

About the Author

Ally Wood is a professional software reviewer and has worked in CNET. Now she is working for her own review software company to give feedback to the software creator and has done deep test in registry cleaner software. After reviewing the most popular registry cleaner, she has written complete review on a review site for you that can be accessed for free.

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Anonymous said...

i've tried it..! yes it is so fast.. I guest microsoft has learn lesson from Vista... ^^

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glad for tis post...informative.

thanks for the visit, hope you can see my other blogs, and probably link them? ;) let me know.

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Bloger said...

Visiting your nice blog and Drop some $mile:)

Nanang said...

Nice Info....

Anonymous said...

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