Thursday, January 5, 2012

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

What Is A “Keylogger” ?

Posted: 04 Jan 2012 09:15 PM PST

Keylogger - is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to electromagnetic and acoustic analysis.


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Source: Wikipedia

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New Spybot – Search & Destroy Definition Update Available (2012-01-04)

Posted: 04 Jan 2012 04:05 AM PST

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to my post that will be continuing to following all of the Spybot – Search & Destroy weekly definition updates.

Here is the full list of updates:



- Fraud.Sysguard

- Fraud.XPAntivirus

- Win32.FraudLoad

- Win32.FraudLoad.edt

- Win32.Renos


- Bancos.Santander

- Win32.Banker.avg


- Win32.Bifrost

- Win32.Duqu

- Win32.Koobface

- Win32.LolBot

- Win32.Muollo

- Win32.OnLineGames.down

- Win32.Ructo.ik

- Win32.ZBot

Total: 2496877 fingerprints in 781634 rules for 6455 products


To see the full list in it's original glory. Please use the following link:


If you would like to download Spybot – Search & Destroy please use the following link:


Till The Next Spybot Update,


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TweetDeck (1.1) – Review And Q+A

Posted: 03 Jan 2012 09:15 PM PST

TweetDeck – is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter and Facebook accounts. Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles.


1. Q: Who is TweetDeck for ?

A: TweetDeck is meant for any user of Twitter (But it can also be connected to your Facebook account as well. )


2. Q: Is TweetDeck Safe To Use ?

A: Yes, so far it does seem to be. But like Twitter itself. You can click on a link and thus can get a virus or be sent to a infected website. But so far there is still pretty low threshold of reports to that effect. But I assure you as Twitter grows and TweetDeck gets bigger. I can assure you that rate will dramatically increase.


3. Q: Is TweetDeck Easy To Use ?

A: Now I may sound Uber stupid. But I found this to be one of the most difficult apps to just pick up and use. I still as I am writing this have yet to uncover all of hidden TweetDecks functions. So is it an easy program to use ?  Well it depends on the users willingness to explore and read up on the new app.

But it is getting a lot more easier moving forward. I expect once we finally hit  version(1.2) TweetDeck should be way easier to use.


4. Q: Should I Allow My Kids To Use TweetDeck ?

A: I in this case actually would say YES. This program can help you bridge the gap of so many aspects of social networking. It may even bring you closer to your kids with a much more simple UI (User Interface). But expect some hang time in understanding TweetDeck and its settings.


5. Q: Is TweetDeck Stable ?

A: No, question here it is indeed stable. There have only been some very minor glitches such as showing the incorrect number of followers.


6. Q: Is TweetDeck Useful ?

A: Heck yeah. I pretty much am using it everyday. It is a blast to use and is very useful to keep on top of all the new tweets. Being posted by all your friends.


7. Q: Do I Need A TweetDeck Account ?

A: There is no TweetDeck account. But it does require having one or more of the following accounts Twitter account


8. Q: Does TweetDeck Spam Users ?

A: No, not that I'm aware of


9. Q: Are There Any Ads On TweetDeck ?

A: No, not that I have noticed thus far


Final overall score for TweetDeck is a 3 out of 5 – This app/program does have a lot of useful features. But TweetDeck also has a lot overlapping features. Some are there so you can watch a bunch of different accounts at the same time and in one place. I personally wish it was way more user friendly and had way more features. Such as what the old TweetDeck had.



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Till The Next Review,


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