Sunday, October 18, 2009


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56K V.92 & V.90 EXTERNAL U.S.ROBOTICS MODEM 5686EExternal 56K V.92 modem with RS-232 Serial port (cable not included) / Auto negotiates data speeds up to 48,000 Kbps US ROBOTICS 5686E û When it comes to dialup modems, the first name for quality build and cutting edge technology has always been, and remains, US Robotics. This external faxmodem supports both V.92 and V.90 standards. V.92 technology brings three key new features to 56K technology (Modem-on-Hold, Quick Connect and V.PCM Upstream). Compatible with virtually any PC, including models running DOS or Windows 3.11 Fastest possible downloads over Analog phone lines Proven controller based modem technology brings you the full functionality of the Web: rich graphics, Real-time A/V, and intense game action! Modem Only

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