Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Buy Computer Monitor

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Although a monitor makes some of the least difference in terms of the speed of your computer, you can make some of the biggest differences in terms of comfort and productivity. This guide aims to give you the details you need to know to choose the best monitor for for what you need.

Monitors Panel LCD flap has become all the rage, in a matter of just a few years, the old CRT monitors have become almost obsolete, expecially on new computers. The old monitors are not bad. There is much that will like, especially in terms of value for money, and in terms of performance. But you can not fight the change. We will focus on flat panels LCD panel as there is often more to be considered.

Firstly there is the connection to the computer. Older monitors used a VGA cable that carried the signal from the computer monitor. The signal goes ahead there is an analog signal and it can degrade slightly, and are just an old technology. Many flat panel monitors support this old style, but that is usually just for backwards compatibility. The newest type of digital cable is a class that is designed to be used for LCD monitors. The operation of this newest class is better, but if you are upgrading an old computer, make sure that your computer can run that monitor.

Second is the screen resolution. This is how many pixels can be displayed on the monitor. The higher the resolution, you can fit more on screen. This means clearer images with much smoother texture, but also means that things appear smaller as an increase in resolution does not increase the physical dimensions of the monitor. Generally today is 1024 x 768 or even 1280 x 960. The computers had 800 x 600, but that has all but disappeared, except in very old computers or are not maintained properly. It worked 1280 x 960 while giving the site for a lot of working space on your monitor, but with less than a 19-inch monitor, 1024 x 768 would be more convenient.

The screen refresh rate is another factor comes into play. CRT monitors used a process of changing pixels on the screen to show the new images, catching up from top to bottom in lines, at a certain rate per second. With that old style 60MHz (60 resets per second) is the minimum before the screen turned to rock. LCD monitors do not have this problem and look at current games well 60MHz.When restore a fee higher than that required, often up to 85MHz or more. Make sure the monitor you plan to use the aid at least 60MHz in your desired resolution for normal use and 85MHz if you want to play games.

A specification that is new to flat panel monitors that did not make CRT monitors is latency. Although the refresh rate may be high, the table of small dots that make up the LCD panel takes a time small change, that change is the latency. Obviously if this latency is too high you may get shot in games before you even know it, it's no good. The latencies have improved, but only monitors defendants with 8ms latency have been really good for games. The latencies tend to be Exaggerated and a latency of 8ms makes a really average out to 12ms. With most of the degrees multiply by 1.5 to get an average grade.

The actual brightness of the screen can vary from point to point on the screen. Some monitors have obvious bright parts and pieces dull while others are more consistent. Most have some variation, but the less, the better. Name qualified monitors tend not give better results than cheaper any known version of the brand.

The little extras like speakers are not worth talking about much. They have limited use and have something separate speakers and the monitor kept simple.

After considering these, you should have enough to make a good purchase decision. Remember that a little extra money spent on a monitor is a good investment, and unlike many other computer parts, upgrades are often necessary.

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