Thursday, October 1, 2009

8 Tips for Buying Memory Cards

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Surely you've ever needed or need to buy memory cards, either because you have a new camera or because you do a trip and need more capacity to store your photos.

Buy a compatible memory card with your computer

There are different types of memory cards: SecureDigital (SD), CompactFlash (CF), MemoryStick, xD Picture Card, SmartMedia, ... Within this classification, memory card, there is even subtypes. Therefore, the first thing to look at proteins that when buying a memory card is whether it is compatible with your camera or device in which you are going to use. Check either your device specifications to see what you need exactly.

Identifies the highest capacity memory card to buy

Memory cards are continually increasing their capacity, this capacity doubling every 6 months or so. You might have a problem of compatibility in this aspect by which your device does not recognize the card or not able to exploit the full memory space. Before you buy a memory card capacity is too high, make sure your device is going to recognize.

Not all brands of memory cards are the same

As with many other products, not all memory manufacturers are equal. In the market you will find different memory cards with disparate theoretical prices same functionalities. Truth is the quality standard set by manufacturers in the manufacturing processes and materials used vary, and it can affect the final price. Generally, the reliability of memory depend on the reliability of the manufacturer.

Do not forget the speed of the memory card

In addition to capacity, an important item is the speed of reading and writing the memory card. The electronic devices in general and in particular digital cameras are becoming more demanding as far as memory resources are concerned. More megapixels mean more memory, more memory and larger data transfers required in reading and writing. A slow memory card may affect the performance of the camera mode or continuous shooting, or the response time of the camera after taking a picture. Make sure that you want to use your camera to choosing the speed of the card. Neither make much sense to pay a significant price difference for a card without going too fast to capitalize on this advantage.

Buy on a trusted site

Lately the network are circulating in false memory cards. They are alleged ultra fast memory card manufacturers who happen to be first line cards of lesser quality and speed of unknown manufacturers. If you wish to buy a memory card first class, make sure the seller is trustworthy.

The more memory cards, best

Memory cards like any other electronic device, can fail. It's good to have multiple memory cards in case one fails. It's a shame to be in the midst of a power trip and run out to take pictures for not having enough memory, or that our card has been damaged.

Best two memory cards that only double the capacity

As just discussed. There is often little difference in price when buying two memory cards and other fixed capacity twice the capacity. If you buy a single card with more capacity and spoiled, it's as if you had broken the two smaller ones. That is spoiling two memory cards by "natural" causes is a fairly unlikely.

The memory price drops rapidly

At beginning of the article commented that memory capacity doubles approximately every two months. With the same frequency lower prices of the cards. That probably means that you can buy in a few months the same card you are looking today for half price, or a card with twice the capacity with the budget you have today. Note well that need it, because maybe you can save anything buying a card with less capacity and waiting a few months to buy another.

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