Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Clean Your PC Computer Monitor

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The instructions to clean the PC monitor can vary depending on the type of monitor you need. That is "currently has a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)? If you're not sure what type of monitor you have here will give a pattern of recognition: LCD monitors usually are flat, while CRT monitors are big and bulky. In addition, a CRT monitor has a clear pane of glass in the front, while an LCD monitor looks like the gel, so you should never touch it with your hands.

To clean a CRT monitor technology:

1 .- It should be completely off. Disconnect the display of the power supply and equipment in general.
2 .- Next, use a special anti-static cloth or a soft clean cloth to wipe the dust from the surface of the monitor.
3 .- Next, spray a little spray cleaner on the cloth and rub it gently on the constant and monitor, but in one direction. The best way is to do it from top to bottom. Never spray cleaning fluid directly onto the monitor, which can damage not only monitor but the other team.
4 .- When finished, use another cloth to dry the monitor immediately.
If instead you have an LCD monitor, then you must perform a slightly different cleaning process, because the screen is more fragile:
1 .- The first thing is to turn off the monitor and disconnecting the power supply.
2 .- Take anti-static cloth or a soft and very delicate clean the dust from the surface of the moninitor.
3 .- Then pour onto the cloth or an alcohol solution of cider vinegar dissolved in water.
4 .- Clean the monitor, always move in one direction.
5 .- Once you remove the dirt, go to gently dry the screen.

In case you have a plasma monitor, which is quite similar to LCDs, follow the instructions for cleaning an LCD monitor, but use a special cleaning fluid for plasma monitors.

When you clean your monitor, whether CRT, LCD or plasma, liquid should never use abrasive cleaners, such as those containing ammonia, because they can damage the screen. Do you know what would happen if you use these products? Then you can break the screen or make it yellow. If you have an LCD or plasma screen should be even more careful, not directly touch screens with both hands or any object other than a soft cloth, as they are very delicate and can break or be beaten.

When cleaning your computer, not just pay attention to the monitor, but also must maintain the cleanliness of other components such as keyboards, speakers, and the mouse to remove lint, dust, and in general all those accumulated dirt particles.

Do you know how often you should clean your computer? Well it all depends on the number of animals and children living at home, but a good idea is to clean the computer from a period of three to six months. Definitely if you notice your computer is really dirty, maybe you need to do before.

source : consejosparatodo.com

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