Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dell PowerEdge 850 1U Dual 3.0Ghz 4GB

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Dell Poweredge 8501U Rackmount Server64-Bit Dual Core Pentium D 3GHz4GB RAM - 1x160GB SATADell warranty until December 22, 2008! Dell Power edge 850 3.0 GHz Dual Core Rack Server* 4GB Memory installed Up To 8GB* (1) 160GB SATA drive installed (1 more SATA bay open)* Dual 1-Gigabit Network ports * x8 PCIe slot and one PCI-X 64/133 slot* No Operating System * Front cover included. Rails, software, keys, & manuals are not included. Drivers available from Dell website. We added 4x1GB of new Crucial memory. This is not covered under the Dell warranty, but has a 3 year warranty with us.New Dual Core technology: Dual Core technology combines two processing units into a single processor chip. This is designed to increase performance and power efficiency compared to single core processors, especially when running multiple applications on a single server like:Web server - caching, firewall Infrastructure server - domain controllerMultiple processor options based on business needs: Comes with Pentium« D 3.0Ghz - New Dual Core technology for best performance running multiple applications or compute-intensive multi-threaded single applications Pentium 4 - Value, price/performance, single application Celeron D - Entry-level, price sensitive, simple file/printExpansive memory configurations help improve system performance: The PowerEdge 850 comes with up to twice the memory of the previous server product series Comes with 4GB and Up to 8GB of DDR-2 SDRAM memory helps improve system performance with more bandwidthScalability and headroom for future demands through next generation technologies: New high-performance PCI Express architecture can deliver flexibility and investment protection - The PowerEdge 850 has a choice of two risers - one with x4 and x8 PCIe slots, a second with one x8 PCIe slot and one PCI-X 64/133 slot.Dual embedded Gigabit NICs provide high bandwidth network connectivity with support for I/O traffic load balancing and fail-over SCSI and SATA RAID

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