Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tips - How to Maintenance Your Computer

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Same as other electronic equipment, you also need to perform maintenance on computer if you want to be able to use the computer for a long time, because without good maintenance of your electronic goods including computers can be easily damaged and you have to spend money again to buy a new computer.

There are several ways you are able to do if you want to keep your computer to be longer used so the computer can work more efficiently, and some of the ways are

1. make sure you disconnect your computer electrical connections if the computer you are not using
2. Do not Put the heavy goods over your computer monitor or above on your computer hard drive
3. Put your computer to secure place and not exposed to or shielded from direct sunlight and hot fluorescent light
4. Be sure the computer you’ve good ventilation system so that air can enter and out from the vents, including hot air from inside the monitor or hard drive can go out easily from your computer.
5. It is a good idea if you use a soft cloth and thin to cover the monitor and your computer hard drive whenever your computer is not used, so that no dust is sticky on that computer.
6. You make sure that your power cord is located in a safe place, so protected from any animals or other disturbing things.
7. Have your time to make clean your computer at a certain time on a regular basis e.g. every week or every month, and don’t forget to use certain liquids that are recommended by your computer shop or computer magazine, and also use a soft cloth to clean

By making a good maintenance on a regular basis for your electronic computer, then you are able to use your computer longer, so you’ll be able to save your money for other requires. The better you treat your computer; it will be longer also you can use it.

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