Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tips Buy Netbook For the Holiday Season

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Netbook Computer, a new sensation in mobile computing, is super light weight, very compact, ultra portable and comes with up-to 9 hours battery life. This year alone over 25% laptops sold worldwide are netbook computers.

Netbook Specification

Intel Atom Processor, 1+ GB Ram, 100+ GB Hard Drive, 9 to 12 inch display & Less than 3 lbs weight

Laptop Specification

Dual Core Processor, 2+ GB Ram, 200+ GB Hard Drive, 15 to 17 inch display, 5 to 6 pounds weight

Laptops are good for multitasking, gaming running missing critical applications for business presentation, but Netbooks are good for anyone wants to get online, or can be used as second computer at home which can be carried anywhere you go. Also it can be ideal for students who wants to stay connected around the university campus.

Buying Tips:

1) Display - Netbook comes in 3 display sizes 9 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch

* 9 inch Display - As you can imagine the size is very small and has screen resolution of 1024x600, I don't recommend this size as the screen is too small to view web pages, keyboards are also not very clear
* 10 inch Display - This is hottest selling in the market with 1024x600 resolution which is ideal for viewing web pages without any horizontal scroll, also the size of the keyboard is good and in this display size you also get an option of upgrading to high definition display.
* 12 inch Display - This size is very limited in the market and it comes with high definition display, a full size keyboard and better display size with 1280x800 screen resolution

2) Keyboard - It's important to look for the size and the position of key at the keyboard when buying Netbook

3) Touchpad and Touchpad Butoons- make sure that the touchpad is nice and large, generally the ideal size of touchpad is 3 inches long. Touchpad should be two separate buttons located next to each other, as with some netbooks you will find the touchpad buttons are located at the two sides of the touchpad which is not very convenient to use.

4) Battery - Size and the capacity of the battery matters, there are two type of battery cell coming with netbooks

* 3 cell battery last for about 3 hours
* 6 cell battery last for about 6 hours average with some of these are coming with capacity of 8-9 hours (the price of 6 cell battery is $50 higher than 3 cell battery and it does add a little bit of weight)

5) Other Features - The other features and values that you should look consider when buying netbook is, extra USB ports (2-3), built-in web cam, wifi and Bluetooth

Adding all the above mentioned options, the cost of netbook would be from $320 to $420

source : http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ahmad_Sid

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