Friday, October 14, 2011

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EPD 63: Fan Mail Friday’s (10/14/2011)

Posted: 13 Oct 2011 09:15 PM PDT

Dear Danny,

I'm not sure if you have already mentioned this or not. But seeing as you are managing editor for (CSW). I was wondering if you accept Interns and or Co-op students ?

Sent In By "Kendra"


I was wondering if you accept Interns and or Co-op students ?

Reply: I don't see why we would not. We have in the past quite a few times. I guess it would mainly depends on if your school would honor the work done with us or not. Both Remy and myself would be more then happy to write the letter needed. As we have done it a few times before.

Well first off. I would highly recommend you first ask your teacher and or professor. In the bulk of cases you may even need to go to the head of the department and ask them first. We would need to know what we would need to provided you to get the credit.

You would also need to be talking something that compliments (CSW). Such as Media Arts, Computer Science, Journalism and Law. All of the latter have been accepted at one point or another.

Lastly I would have to check with Remy and William to see if we have any positions open available. We generally use the same process as we use for guest bloggers /Writers for the site. So that means e-mailing myself or e-mailing With your idea and a sample work. Along with your CV /Resume.


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