Thursday, October 20, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

OpenMedSpel (1.0.9) – Mozilla FireFox Add-on Review

Posted: 19 Oct 2011 11:46 PM PDT

OpenMedSpel (1.0.9)

A. Ease Of Use: 4/5 – Very very easy. Just don't by mistake add an incorrect spelled word. Or you'll have to un-install the add-on and re-install the add-on while losing and added words in the process.

B. Security – Absolutely No Impact On FireFox Security Or PC Security

C. Usefulness: 4/5 – This is a very very accurate medical dictionary better then most medical dictionary out there. Even better and bigger then the English dictionary add-on.

D. FireFox Slowdown: None

E. Computer Slow Down: None

F. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This Add-On: Any med student and or person interested in medical research would greatly benefit from this add-on.


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Till My Next Review,


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“SnowFox’s” YouTube Downloader HD For Windows ( – Freeware Review

Posted: 19 Oct 2011 02:24 PM PDT

AA. Cost: Free

BB. Is "SnowFox's" YouTube Downloader HD Worth The Price ?: This program is completely free, down from $19.99 USD, so yes it is very worth the price. so you will be a happy chappy with the free price point for this product.

1. Ease Of Use – To begin with, this is very difficult to use, as there is no input box to add your URL from YouTube, you have to copy your URL from YouTube first, then click on the "+" button, which sounds a bit ridiculous, and redundant to me. Next up when you allow the program to select the outgoing file formats for saving the video, the program doesn't always allow you to save videos in the format you'd like them to be in. For example SD 360p videos are only available in FLV format, whereas other YouTube Downloader programs allow you to download 360p videos in both FLV, and MP4 formats.

1A. Interface - This program's interface is really not aimed at those who don't know what they're doing, it would confuse and annoy a lot of people, there are many options which could confuse and disorientate users, its not very tidy, with a huge advertisement planted in the middle of the program, which isn't even related to the program in question.

2. Quality Of YouTube Downloader HD – A very fast video downloader, that allows  users to get what videos they want from YouTube at a fast pace, with even HD 720p videos downloading very quickly, but this does depend on your Internet connection.

2A. YouTube to MP4/FLV Files  - We downloaded a HD 720p video from YouTube, and it saved as a standard MP4 file, which is what other YouTube Downloaders also export 720p videos into. Then we downloaded a SD 360p, and SD 480p video from YouTube, and it only allowed us to save the video in an FLV format, whereas other programs of the same caliber allowed users to save the videos in either FLV or MP4. This added format needs to be added to later iterations of the program.

3. Updating – The update button is found in the "?" circle, which is underneath the close program (X) button, where the update button is called "Check for Updates", which when you press it links you to the servers for the program and updates it accordingly.

4. Can You Run Other Programs While Running "SnowFox's" YouTube Downloader HD ? : Yes, no matter if your converting YouTube Videos, checking directories, you can still use other programs, but beware that with all downloading programs, it will completely depend on the speed, and strength of your Internet connection.

4A. Can You Run Programs During The Update Process? : Yes, if you're updating the YouTube Downloader HD, then you can still use other programs, without any slowdown.

5. Is There A Progress Or Percentage (%) Bar ? : Yes, on all video conversions, the program will provide you with a progress bar, an average time frame for how long the file will take to convert, how much of the video has downloaded compared to the total file size, as well as how long the file has been downloading, along with how much time is left for the download.

6. Can You Leave YouTube Downloader HD Running With Little Or No Issue ? : You definitely can, you can leave the program to convert YouTube Videos into the export files while you get on with other things on your computer, but all download programs are dependent on your Internet connection, so running this program to download videos might slow down your Internet connection, and make other web-pages load slower.

7. Is YouTube Downloader HD Stable ? : Yes, this program is very stable, and we never had any stability issues. The program is very stable during conversions for file downloads We're happy to mark this program as 100% stable.


Overall score for "SnowFox's" YouTube Downloader HD ( is a 3 out of 5 "SnowFox's" YouTube Downloader HD is very easy to use once you get used to it, but it is quite confusing for first time users. The layout and interface isn't the most professional I've ever seen, and needs to be changed. It basically gives you ability to download YouTube videos and save them as MP4, and FLV files on your computer. The program is safe to use for all users regardless of background knowledge and file converting experience. "SnowFox'" YouTube Downloader HD may need some updates to improve the layout, and to add the expressed file formats. Even though, we'd recommend this program for the more experienced users who download a lot of videos.


Download Link


Written By,

Matt Stanyon

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New Spybot – Search & Destroy Definition Update Available (2011-10-19)

Posted: 19 Oct 2011 12:23 PM PDT

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to my post that will be continuing to following all of the Spybot – Search & Destroy weekly definition updates.

Here is the full list of updates:



- Fraud.Codec.x3



- Bancos.Itau

- Bancos.Santander

- Banload.bho

- Fraud.FBvid.ud

- FraudAV.SJhorwPa

- FraudMS.BHO

- Peru.FraudWMV

- Win32.Agent.cgzd

- Win32.Autorun.adb

- Win32.Autorun.dc3


- Win32.Autorun.rsbots

- Win32.AVKillsvc.e

- Win32.Banker.doc


- Win32.Banload.bbkg


- Win32.Blackmail.b

- Win32.Killport.Gen

- Win32.Muollo

- Win32.QQRob

- Win32.ZBot


Total: 2467349 fingerprints in 775933 rules for 6342 products.


To see the full list in it's original glory. Please use the following link:


If you would like to download Spybot – Search & Destroy please use the following link:


Till The Next Spybot Update,


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