Saturday, November 19, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

ImTranslator (4.7) – Mozilla FireFox Add-on Review

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 09:15 PM PST

ImTranslator (4.7)

A. Ease Of Use: 4/5 – A very easy and straight forward add-on. But there are still some settings that can get a bit tedious to newer users.

B. Security: 5/ 5 – 100% safe to use

C. Usefulness: 3/5 – Both my life as a member (CSW) and my life on the net would be a lot harder without this add-on. If you ever wondered how to say something in another language. Or even if you just ran into a site and or blog that is not in your own language.

**The BIGGEST issues with this add-on. Is now it is VERY VERY limited to 1 new translation every 15 mins. So I would say if you can avoid this update. Then do so. Stay with the (4.5) version.

D. FireFox Slowdown: A slight hiccup of a few seconds when you first select the option.

E. Computer Slow Down: Same as above

F. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This Add-On: Any level of Firefox user


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Till The Next Review,


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AVG Free Anti-Virus 2012 (2012.0.1872) Official Change Log Straight From AVG’s Main Site

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 02:36 PM PST

Dear Readers,

Here Is The Official Change Log For AVG Free Anti-Virus 2012 (2012.0.1872). Straight From AVG's Main Site……

Program Update AVG Free Anti-Virus 2012 (2012.0.1872)

Fixes & Improvements

- Safe Search: Safe Search is no longer in conflict with Australian Taxation Office website.


Till The Next Update,


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