Friday, September 2, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

WonderShare’s PDF to Word Converter For Windows (3.0.0) – Freeware Review

Posted: 01 Sep 2011 11:20 AM PDT

AA. Cost: Completely Free

BB. Is PDF to Word Converter Worth The Price ?: Well its free, so yes it is very worth the price. If you want the ability to convert PDF text/image documents into a word document, then you will be a happy chappy with the free price point for the PDF to Word Converter.

1. Ease Of Use – One of the easiest conversion programs I have ever had the pleasure of using, it's very easy to work out where everything is, and it becomes very easy to use within minutes.

1A. Interface - Strictly an accessible professional interface layout, with not too many options to confuse and disorientate users, its very tidy, and everything is laid out very effectively.

2. Quality Of PDF Conversions – A very fast PDF converter, depending on what you convert, we performed two seperate tests.

2A. Text/Image PDF File – We coverted a PDF file that consisted of both text and images (screengrabs), which was 11 pages long, and the PDF file was literally converted to a compatible word (.docx) file within 2 minutes, with no issues found in the text or image conversions. But the program did lock up after the conversion had finished and closed on its own. This issue needs to be resolved for continuous use of this program.

2B. Complete Image PDF File – The second PDF conversion we did consisted of entirely images, which was 13 pages long, and the converter had real issues here. It wouldn't convert half of the pages contained in the file, plus it kept coming up with errors when trying to convert and the conversion process took nearly 15 minutes, which then finished up with the program locking up, and ended up forcing the program to close down.

3. Updating – The update button is found in the top right corner by the close program (X) button, where the update button is called "Online Update", which when you press it links you to the servers for the program and updates it accordingly.

4. Can You Run Other Programs While Running iSkySoft Media Converter? Yes, no matter if your converting PDF file, checking directories, you can still use other programs, but beware that ALL PDF converting programs will take up some of your computers processing power, and PDF to Word Converter is no exception.

4A. Can You Run Programs During The Update Process? Yes, if you're updating the PDF to Word Converter, then you can still use other programs, without any slowdown.

5. Is There A Progress Or Percentage (%) Bar? Yes, on all PDF file conversions, the program will provide you with a progress bar, but it doesn't provide average time frame for how long the files will take to convert.

6. Can You Leave PDF to Word Converter Running With Little Or No Issue? You definitely can, you can leave the program to convert PDF files while you get on with other things on your computer, but all file conversion programs are dependent on your computers CPU power, so running other programs will slow down PDF conversions. The best thing is to just let PDF to Word Converter use all of your CPU power to convert the files as quickly as possible and go get yourself something to eat and drink in the meantime, luckily being an PDF Converter, this program WILL take up less CPU power than other programs.

7. Is PDF to Word Converter Stable? Mostly, except for the locking upand automatic closing issues seen duing our conversions. The program is very stable during conversions, but just locks up at the end of the file conversions, so this issue along with the automatic program close need to be sorted ASAP to make it 100% stable. For now, we'd place the stability of the program at 80%.


Overall score for PDF to Word Converter Version (3.0.0) is a 3.5 out of 5 – PDF to Word Converter is very easy to use once, and is not confusing for first time users, this means the layout and interface is very professional, and doesn't need to be changed. It basically gives you ability to convert PDF files into Word documents (basically a docx file). The program is safe to use for all users regardless of background knowledge and file converting experience. PDF to Word Converter may need some updates to improve the stability, but it's still a very professional and easy to use program, and we'd recommend that they change the update process so that it's easier to find and easier to use. We'd easily recommend this for text/image documents but not purely image based files.


Here Is The Link To Download -Wondershare's PDF to Word Converter For Windows (3.0.0):


Here Is The Link To Download -Wondershare's PDF to Word Converter For MAC (3.0.0):


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