Saturday, September 3, 2011

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EPD 57: Fan Mail Friday’s (09/02/2011)

Posted: 02 Sep 2011 08:41 PM PDT

Dear Remy & Danny

I'm a huge fan of (CSW) and have been for sometime now. But I've been wondering for the longest time what is your secret to your low employee turn over rate is ? I ask not to snoop. But as I run both a blog and a website myself and I seem to be needing to hire new staff mainly (writers) ever month or so. What your secret ? Remy and or Danny.

Sent in By Under Staffed and Always In Need of Help


But I've been wondering for the longest time what is your secret to your low employee turn over rate is ?

Remy's Reply: Interesting question for sure. Not sure what you want to hear from me. I pretty much treat my staff with respect and give them as much room as possible to writer with in. Personally I think the biggest turn over we had was 3 people. But even that was over a 1 year swath of time and not all at once.

Don't bog your writers down with to much stuff and don't flip out on them. Of course your going to have a higher turn over rate, if you are not paying your staff. Both Danny and myself often wonder. Why have we been so lucky ourselves in that regard ?

Also you really need to think about how many people do you really need to run your site or blog. The less people you have may lead to more work. But may also lead to happier staffers. The flip side can be true as well. If you have more staff then you need, their maybe less to write about or people may step on other writers feet. Leading to mass lack of moral or feeling of being much less of the bigger picture.

Danny's Reply: My best advice would be listen to what Remy said above. Oh and keep really good communication between all your staff. I find that it is really important to make sure all your staff feel that they are needed. On another note make damn sure all the management are on the same page (with regards to all your staff.)


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Till Next Friday,

Remy + Danny

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