Thursday, December 8, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

Auslogics BoostSpeed ( – Software Review

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 09:15 PM PST

Name Of Program: Auslogics BoostSpeed (

AA. Cost: $49.95 USD or $51.56 CAD (For up to 3 PC's. For a term of 1 year)

BB. Is Auslogic BoostSpeed 5.2 Worth The Cost ?: Yes and no. It depends on what your computer usage is and how old your PC is. If your computer is heavily used or is older then a 1 year or if you are not that computer savvy. Then yes. It will save you a lot of time, money and headaches down the road.

But if your computer is brand new and  there is very light use. Then no. You can still find freeware out there that makes a good kit. To keep your computer running as well as Auslogic BoostSpeed 5.2. But it will take quite a few freeware programs to achieve the same number of tools and features BoostSpeeed has.

1. Interface - Simple, But multi-layered – This program has a lot of deepth. And if you don't explore beyond the home page. You'd be missing about 99% of the guts of the reason you paid such a lofty price in the first place. Your gonna need to check all the tabs or view BoostSpeed. Via the Start menu to see what you really have to work with.

2. Quality Of Scan – Mostly effective but often there are just some errors BoostSpeed 5.2 will just refuse to fix.

3. Updating – As fast as one would expect. Thou there rarely is any updates to be had.

3A. Can You Run Other Programs During The Update Process ? Yes

4. Can You Run Other Programs While A Scan Or Maintenance Is Being Done ? Yes, but not recommended on older computers.

5. Can You Leave BoostSpeed Running Without Issue ? Yes, but not recommended on older computers.

7. Is There Adware Or Spyware Bundled With It ? No

8. Is BoostSpeed Stable ? Yes

10. How Long Do Scans Take ? Well it depends on what app or utility you have chosen and what your running (Your Overall Computer Stats).

10A. Time BoostSpeed Takes To Run A Full 4 Process System Scan Option - Between 5 mins to over an 1hr 30mins (Average)

10B. Time BoostSpeed Takes To Run A System  Advisor Scan- 5 to 45 mins (Average)

10C. Disk Defrag – Under 2 hrs (Average)

I give Auslogic BoostSpeed ( an overall score of a 3.5 out of 5

My Final Verdict: Auslogic BoostSpeed comes down to the end user. To figure out if it is worth the price of admission or not (to you). Some people like myself love BoostSpeed. But I fix PC's as a job and have the money to shell out. I much rather have everything in 1 box/kit. Instead of having to download dozens of freeware apps to compare to what BoostSpeed already has. I assure you It can be done, but it will take a lot of time, effort and manual scans on your part to do so. What BoostSpeed does is offer you all the tools you need in one (all be it not all that easy to find tools). To keep your computer running like it just came out of the box.

Till My Next Review,


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New Spybot – Search & Destroy Definition Update Available (2011-12-07)

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 02:17 PM PST

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to my post that will be continuing to following all of the Spybot – Search & Destroy weekly definition updates.

Here is the full list of updates:



- Win32.Renos


- Bancos.Santander

- Banload.byct

- Win32.Bancos

- Win32.Banker


- Win32.Muollo

- Win32.OnLineGames.down

- Win32.OnLineGames.gen

- Win32.Ruskill.em

- Win32.VB.aoff

- Win32.Whistler.mbr

- Win32.Yakes.ksp

- Win32.ZBot

Total: 2483507 fingerprints in 779195 rules for 6419 products


To see the full list in it's original glory. Please use the following link:


If you would like to download Spybot – Search & Destroy please use the following link:


Till The Next Spybot Update,


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