Thursday, December 15, 2011

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smartdollars The Computer Savvy Weblog

Skype ( – Freeware Review

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 09:15 PM PST

AA. Cost: Free (But, there is a paid version as well)

1. Ease Of Use – Extremely easy to use once setup has been completed (AKA registration,  mic, headset, webcam setup has been set and adjusted.)

1A. Interface - Very simple, clean and straight forward

2. Quality Program – Skype has improved by leaps and bounds. Audio quality has improved, web cam filters have been added and screen share has been massively improved.

3. Speed of Sign-in – Very very quick. But again only after you haev completed Skype setup.

4. Can you run other programs while running Skype ? Yes

5. Can you leave Skype running and it will run with out issue ? Yes

6. Is there adware or spyware bundled with it ? Nope, but there are some ads now that pop-up. I don't really have any big issues with it. But it can be bothersome to some user. Who are not use to thous types of ads.

7. Is Skype stable ? Yes, there is no question Skype is a very stable program. But it does depend a lot on the stability and quality of your Internet connection.

I give Skype an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 – I truly believe once you go Skype you don't go back. Skype is truly better then almost any of its competition. It will kill MSN, ICQ , Yahoo and even programs such as team speak.

On A Side Note: In some cases there is still a need for programs such as team speak when you are dealing with MMO's. But since I don't  and I also don't par-take in Facebook. I don't feel I need anything other then Skype. (And in some very rare cases Windows Live Messenger. When my friends don't have Skype.)

If you wish to download Skype please use the following link:

Till The Next Review,


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New Spybot – Search & Destroy Definition Update Available (2011-12-14)

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 01:37 PM PST

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome to my post that will be continuing to following all of the Spybot – Search & Destroy weekly definition updates.

Here is the full list of updates:



- IWinGames


- Fraud.XPAntivirus

- Win32.FraudLoad.edt

- Win32.Renos

- Win32.Shutdowner.bqq


- Microsoft.Windows.RedirectedHosts


- Bancos.Santander

- Banload

- Win32.Agent.adb

- Win32.Banker

- Win32.Banker.wnx

- Win32.BHO.gcp

- Win32.Muollo

- Win32.OnLineGames.down

- Win32.OnLineGames.gen

- Win32.Ructo.ik

- Win32.SecurityDefender

- Win32.Sirefef

- Win32.TTC.d

- Win32.ZBot

Total: 2486200 fingerprints in 779742 rules for 6432 products


To see the full list in it's original glory. Please use the following link:


If you would like to download Spybot – Search & Destroy please use the following link:


Till The Next Spybot Update,


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AVG Free Anti-Virus 2012 (2012.0.1890) Official Change Log Straight From AVG’s Main Site

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 01:29 PM PST

Dear Readers,

Here Is The Official Change Log For AVG Free Anti-Virus 2012 (2012.0.1890). Straight From AVG's Main Site……

Program Update AVG Free Anti-Virus 2012 (2012.0.1890)

Fixes & Improvement

- Email Scanner: Fixed issue with wrong e-mail certification.

- Link Scanner: Fixed data corruption when connecting to https servers through proxy.

- Link Scanner: Fixed possible corruption of deflate encoded data.

- Setup: Update does not request computer restart if Safe Search only is installed.

- Toolbar: New version of toolbar implemented.

- Update: Deleted shortcuts are not recreated during update.

Till The Next Update,


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