Monday, December 5, 2011

Three years of Bloody Computer!

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Report Abuse Weird News Earlier this month Bloody Computer! reached its third anniversary, so I decided that I should mark the event by sharing a few statistics, as I did to mark 50 posts, 100 posts, and the first anniversary.

This blog has now had 166,042 visits and 189,489 page views from 181 countries.

Top 5 Most Read Posts
1. Keyboard shortcut of the week: undo and redo : 28,800 views
2. How to reboot Windows using the keyboard: 8,311 views
3. Mouse stopped working: how to reinstall: 5,255 views
4. Make any window stay on top: 3,545 views
5. How to save a list of files in a folder: 3,067 views

Data taken from the excellent Google Analytics

Many thanks to all my regular readers and a pox on those who keep leaving spam comments.

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