Monday, December 5, 2011

What is that character called?

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If you look around your keyboard, you will notice a number of keys with characters on that you may not know the name of. In this post I will tell you the most common names for those esoteric characters. I am only looking at those characters that appear on my UK qwerty keyboard. I will explore those special characters and symbols that don't appear on the keyboard in future posts.

This is called 'not' and is most commonly used in propositional logic and mathematics. It may not appear on all keyboards.

¦ and |
'Vertical bar' or 'pipe' is used in mathematics and computer programming. It can be 'broken' or 'unbroken' as shown.

'Caret' a.k.a 'hat', 'wedge' and 'chevron' is used in mathematics, logic, computing and to indicate ordinals in Italian.

'Tilde' is used in a variety of ways, such as indicating an approximation as well as the usual suspects: mathematics, logic and computing.

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